Spring Behind the Hedge

It may be some mistake of mine –

For people call it winter still

And Christmas is but lately passed away

With all the rest of the old year, to where

The bygone days all go – and yesterday

I looked out on the garden, and

It darkly glowered back, with a wet

Face under a furious sky. Though t’were

Midday, the light was cold and dim.

And yet I still believe that on

A day in January, not long ago

When some thin golden sunlight had made

Its quiet way out of the prison of

The clouds, I thought I heard the voice of spring

A-whispering in the sodden grass, and saw

Her face, as it peeped shyly through

The bare and dripping silvery hedge.

Christmas things to make

1 Orange peel shapes

At christmas a few years back we discovered that it a lovely christmas activity is cutting up orange peel into the shapes of stars, christmas trees, angels e.c.t. drying them, and putting them into little golden gauze bags with cloves and all-spice. These bags can be tied onto presents with tags, given as christmas gifts, tied onto a string and hung up to cent the house, or anything else you like.

2 Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is very expensive and not always very pretty; therefore if you have any spare time, a much better idea is instead of buying paper to make your own. If you buy thing from Amazon you  can begin with decorating strips of the recycled brown paper that comes in amazon packages. We cut stamps out of card and printed christmas trees, stars, and other shapes onto the paper. You can also spray the paper with gold spray paint, cover it with glitter, or anything else you like.

3 christmas cards

There are many different ways of making a christmas cards, and many different styles; too many to every right down. However, I will state a few of the ways of making them that I have found particularly successful.


Card 1

Try writing a poem or christmas carol, preferably with a fountain tip pen or dip pen, and in neat and attractive handwriting, on your card. Then decorate the edges with christmasy patters (you could do a branch of holly growing out of each corner) or else draw scenes from the song/poem round the writing. Then write the name of the poem/carol above in large colourful calligraphy or other pretty writing.


Card 2

Cut a picture out of an old christmas card or calendar and stick it on a card on top of a doily or piece of lace.

Card 3

Cut a piece out of your card, leaving a window in it, either round, or pointy at the top, the same as windows in a gothic church. Then draw a christmasy picture on tracing paper or some other transparent material. Then, outline your picture with a black marker. Colour in the background so that all the part of the tracing paper that you are using for your picture is covered. Then stick your picture into the inside of the card so that you can see it through the window you have cut.