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The Seven and a Half Seas Part Six



Odysseus                                                        Dracheis

Hades and Athena watch as Cerberus flings its chew toy across the cavern, that chew toy is the body of Sean. Dracheis, son of Athena and Hades watches from his perch atop a rocky pillar.

Suddenly! Odysseus appears at the feet of the Gods, “Odysseus!” bellows Hades, Cerberus drops Sean and runs to its master. Dracheis leaps from his perch spear in hand “you are not welcome here!”he says as he  lands at Athena’s side “I ask of you a favour” says Odysseus. Hades laughs “what makes you think you can ask favours of the Gods” he demands. Dracheis says “father, may I battle this foolish mortal? show him who’s boss?”. Hades never ignores a chance to punish mortals.
A spear and a  gnarled shield are thrown to Odysseus. Dracheis lunges immediately, Odysseus jumps to one side, the spear grazes Odysseus’s shoulder, Odysseus throws his spear at Dracheis, Dracheis ducks just in time and the spear falls over the edge of the cliff. Odysseus charges unarmed towards Dracheis. Dracheis thrusts his spear into Odysseus’s chest, but then Odysseus smashes his shield against Dracheis’s face, Dracheis stumbles backwards over the edge, Odysseus’s spear lay at the bottom tip up… That was the end of Dracheis, but Athena felt shame and pity so she transformed Dracheis into a baby tawny owl and banished him to the mortal world, he now live in the garden of a family of five. “I have slain your son and proven myself worthy, now let me return to my world with Sean” says Odysseus. Hades reluctantly agrees “you have made a very powerful enemy”.   With a flick of his hand Hades sends Odysseus and Sean back to the mortal world.


Ide and Zack trek through the jungle to find [edible] food and water. When Sean appears out of nothing. Sean feels discombobulated and dazed as if he had fell a long way and landed on his feet, his cloths are in tatters. “What the heck?” says Sean “how di- wheres Odysseus? Zack and Ide say together “up here” they look up and theres Odysseus dangling from a tree branch.