Quote of the Day – Day 2


From Maud, by Alfred Tennyson, one of my favourite poets. There are other bits of that poem just lovely too, especially one part mentioning ‘a daffodil sky’.

This would have been much better if I had figured out how to put a misty square in the middle to make the words show up – but I don’t know how to do that yet. In case it is not legible, I have included the quote again below.

“From the meadow your walks have left so sweet,

That whenever a March wind sighs,

He sets the jewelled print of your feet,

In violets blue as your eyes,

To the woody hollows in which we meet,

And the valleys of Paradise.”





3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Day 2

  1. Your welcome! I’m exited to see what quotes you will choose. Tennyson is lovely, isn’t he – such beautiful descriptions. He uses very complicated lacy language – different from the pure simplicity of Wordsworth. I actually once wrote a post about that.

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