Quote of the day – day 1

I was tagged by Janie of Daily Delights for this – I don’t really know fully what this tagging thing is, but apparently the rules for this one are that I have to post a quote a day for three days, and each time choose three people to do this after me (nominating).

Here is my first quote



I am quite proud of the way I designed it. It is from Tess of the d’Urbervilles – a great book but very sad. Read my essay on it Here. I had a vague idea when I designed it that the picture was supposed to be the Vale of Blackmoore, (which she is looking at when the quote comes in) or somewhere else around their – but it probably looks nothing like Hardy country. (It is actually taken from the moor around Lud’s Church – a post about which I am at present working on.) Also I was sort of thinking she might be looking at it through tears – hence the blurriness – but mostly it is all just random.

Oops – I spelled ‘beauty’ wrong.

Here’s another – the typo is corrected – also I made a few other alterations and left out the rounded corners. Which one do you like better?


Oh, and I nominate




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