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As I have already said, I am doing an art course (Art Award by name) for which I wrote the essay about flowers in art – and I thought you all might be interested in seeing my final art work and some of my other art. Also, I hoped some of those present when I displayed my work might be good enough to comment below about what they though of my art, and the way I presented it, so I can show the award body that I really did it.

In the previous essay I talked about nature as a pattern, and in the last sentence in particular I mentioned, while talking about the works of Charles Mackintosh, that in order to make linocuts (which is what my finished work is) of flowers, you need to do detailed sketches and study the plant,  and then use your knowledge of the way it grows, the average number of petals, ect, to simplify, and make what you are cutting into a pattern.(It is not only plants, though, that you must study and simplify, but anything).

I wanted a spring-themed woodcut, and went out to the garden to sketch and take photos.

Here are some of my sketches:



I am quite proud of my snowdrops – the ones near the middle – I think they are the best of my sketches. You can see the patterniness in them. I like the open crocus with one petal nearly dropping off in the first page, too.

Taking photos is another good way of framing nature and beginning to turn it into art:

My daffodil sketches are below. The more rough sketch in the bottom left corner was me trying to work out how to stylise best.


Now you can see some of my pages of stylising, after I had finished the detailed sketching.


You can see the how the crocuses have been stylised – their petals are diamond shaped. They came to be like that because straight lines work best when you are carving – I thought they would because most of the other linocut artists use straight lines.


The daffodils are really very much like the sketches, if you study them, except that the petals do not point backwards, but I think the graceful shape of the petals is well captured in the linocut.

After I had decided how to do the flowers, the next thing was to fit them into one design. Mum had the idea of making lots of little paper rectangles the same size as the woodcut, and then I tried fitting them into each one, and starting again when it didn’t look nice. Here is one of them.


Then it was time to draw on the lino and cut it out:

IMG_8354 (1).jpg

And here is the print itself. I’m pleased with it!


Here are some more of my other bits of art:


This was a cut-out made of wallpaper, photos, and different sorts of fabric, inspired by Matisse’s  Harmony in Red (the two are compared below) and some other of his works. I said about the flowers on the table cloth in the essay, that ‘the flowers on the table and walls in Harmony in Red – they are art in three different ways – in a way four. They are art because all flowers are art already, they are art because they are in a painting, they are art because they are a pattern in the painting – and they are art because they are arranged in pots and vases in the pattern.’. A similar thing is true of the flowers in the vase in my picture – they are art because they are in a picture, because they are arranged in a vase in the picture, because they are cut out of photos and other artworks to be put into the picture, and because flowers are already art.

Here are two more cutouts also inspired by Matisse


Some water colour crocuses – I was getting to know the flowers for the linocut with all different sorts of materials.


I also did some water colour daffodils.




10 thoughts on “Art Award

  1. Nice work Ide. Harmony in Red was one of my most favourite paintings when I discovered Matisse. I had a reproduction hanging on my wall and I’d forgotten all about that time until now. I am enjoying your creative output very much.

  2. Thank you very much. Harmony in Red is a pretty painting. I’ve always rather preferred the Renaissance paintings to the moderner ones – but I like a few of them very much indeed, and Harmony in Red is one that I like. I don’t know if you’d like to check out parts one and two of my art essay, (posted on here in the ‘visual arts’ category) a part of which is about that painting.

  3. Ide – we love your art and your descriptions of the pictures you see and the pictures you plan to make. It was great to meet you during the Art Award and see you at work! You’ve experimented with lots of different styles and materials, and shown a true passion for your topic of flowers. Sophie’s favourite is your collage/cut-out of the vase of flowers. Lorna and Sophie.

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