Valentine’s Day Cards

I am having a break in the story of Ponden Hall to make a several days late Valentine’s Day post. Happy Valentine’s Day! This post is about our Valentine’s Day, and especially the cards we made.

We often make each other cards on Valentine’s day instead of buying them from cards; my Mum and me mostly make them, but my brother Tass does too sometimes.

This Valentine’s Day Mum and Dad both bought each other and me and Tass lots of chocolate, and Dad bought a huge bunch of flowers. Mum decorated all the chocolate boxes with hearts cut out of card and glittery paper, and we all made each other cards. I made one for Tassy with a heart inside a doily, and inside the heart I stuck a little cat-shaped wooden button (he is obsessed with cats). For Dad I made the same, but the heart was inside a golden netlike piece of cloth, and inside it was a dog instead of a cat, because we pretend he is a dog. I made Mum a card with a heart on it cut out of red card, and inside the heart another smaller one cut out of a flowery cloth, and I also made little corners for it out of the red card and the flowery cloth. I also had little hedgehog shaped wooden buttons like the cat ones, and I used them like stamps, dipping them in pink ink and pressing them down on the card. I made it look like they were kissing. (It was hedgehogs because that’s Mum’s animal). Mum made a card to us all with puffy hearts in it. Me and Mum made one together for my grandmother, and I drew a picture of a tulip for it. Mum arranged the cards and boxes of chocolate around the flowers for a surprise. Below are some photos of the cards.


My card to Mum


Tass’s card to me



Detail of Mum’s card (Dad’s heart)


Detail of my heart


Tass’s card to Mum


Another detail (Tass’s heart)

IMG_8175Mum’s card to all off us (the heart larger or smaller according to the size of the people they are to; the large heart is Dad, which is why it has a dog over it, the smaller one Tass, which is why there is a cat over it, and the tiny one with the face over it is our baby. The medium size heart is mine, and it has a lily of the valley and roses over it because Mum calls me ‘Lily-Rose’).


Tass’s card to Dad


The flowers and all the cards together


I though I might as well include some valentine’s cards from a few years back, while I am on that subject.

Here they are; some ones that I made for Mum


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